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No one can halt the aging process. We can, however help you to turn back the hands of time and look
younger. We can reduce significantly the visible signs of aging, using the latest,
most effective non-surgical cosmetic procedures that are available.

Face 2 Face Medical Cosmetic Clinic consists of thoroughly skilled medical professionals,
trained in their respective fields of expertise to the highest standards. We monitor our procedures
constantly and insist on clinical excellence.

We strongly believe in practising safe medicine and want our clients to be happy with what we
achieve for them and subsequently return to us. We also want them to recommend us to their
contemporaries, friends and family.

This can only be achieved by giving honest, open, relaxed, FREE consultations as well as follow-up

The aim of our practice is to provide our clients with professional, honest and safe advice followed by
proficient, skilfully administered treatments. We endeavour to make our clients feel welcome,
comfortable and cared for at all times. Our principle goal is to help you with all your aesthetic concerns.

We offer non-surgical, minimally invasive cosmetic procedures such as Dermal Fillers, Botox and
Dermal Rolling, as well as skin peeling plus a FREE consultation.

We advocate the use of these non-surgical treatments for both men and women,
in order for you to achieve more self confidence and greater charisma whilst
creating a newer better looking "you".

Let us turn back the clock for you!

Speak with Face 2 Face Clinic to arrange a FREE consultation.
01225 761 824

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